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Calligraphy Creations – The Process

I have penned my thoughts and findings about what goes into making the tools and supplies for calligraphy and how world-renowned calligraphers, penmen and penwomen create their finished pieces.

Break The Rules

Calligraphers, hobbyists and professionals alike, from around the world believe in creating a style that is unique to their design sensibilities and aesthetics. One of the most common means of creating a unique style is by creating variations to the traditional style of writing.

Glitter in Progress

One of our fascinations is gilding and illumination. This in simple terms is the use of gold in an artwork or a calligraphy-based design to introduce shine and glitter.

What The Book

World renowned calligraphers and lettering artists from across the globe have shared their artform, i.e., calligraphy through book publications. From our own personal experience of learning calligraphy, recommendations from our tutors and extensively researching the internet, we have created a small library of books on calligraphy, lettering and gilding.

Brush up your skills

Brush pens are a popular type of calligraphy pens. They resemble a regular pen but the tip is replaced with a brush tip. Because of its ability to flow like a paint brush, it can produce thick and thin strokes depending on the pressure applied.

Fine-Liner Florals

Art embodies limitless human imagination. Within the realm of what constitutes art, nature is an integral part. While considering nature, florals are the immediate reminiscence. Florals or flower illustrations offer so much comfort and meditative peace to the artist and the viewer.

Flourish And Bloom!

If you are a regular here you know that Pointed Pen Calligraphy is our favourite style of calligraphy. If you are new here, Welcome to our world of Calligraphy and Design.

Personalise Your Calligraphy Style

Welcome back for another ride into pointed pen calligraphy!

In this blog, we would like to share with you our well researched thoughts and findings on “How to create a unique and personal style of calligraphy?”

Magical Moments

We truly believe that everybody has an innate sense of imagination and creativity. But the challenge lies in harnessing this creativity and channelling it into a tangible design.

Undo And Redo – IPAD Calligraphy

As a calligrapher trained and experienced with pen, ink and paper, I unearthed a new universe with Digital Calligraphy. In this blog, we are looking at calligraphy - the digital way.

Show Me The Money!

Welcome back to the World of Calligraphy and Design! In this blog, we are looking at the business of calligraphy, art and design. This blog also aims at motivating you to be your own boss!

Learn From My Mistakes!

Hi there! Welcome back to the World of Calligraphy and Design! In this blog, we are looking at some tips and tricks to improve your pointed pen calligraphy style.

Make Your Own Guideline

Hi there! Welcome back to the World of Calligraphy and Design! In this blog, we are going to discuss on “How to use a Calligraphy guideline ruler?”


Hi there! Welcome back to our World of Calligraphy and Design! While we specialise in calligraphy, our belief is always on Practicing, Preserving and Promoting Penmanship!