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If you are a regular here you know that Pointed Pen Calligraphy is our favourite style of calligraphy. If you are new here, Welcome to our world of Calligraphy and Design.

Calligraphy is usually associated with writing text. However, there is a whole world of designing that is possible with Calligraphy tools! Designing with pointed pen tools can be termed as Pointed Pen Designing.

In this blog, we take you through our process of designing using pointed pen calligraphy tools.

Pointed pen nib like a Nikko G or a Principal EF nib or any of the other options available on the market is capable of producing thick shade stroke as well as a thin hairline stroke. This unique quality of pointed nibs is exploited to create Flourishing. This is the term used when a stroke is allowed to extend and dance on paper. We personally prefer using the G nibs for designing.


There are two types of strokes that are typically used for flourishing, one is an S-shaped curve and other is a C-shaped curve. As the name suggested, the stroke resembles the shape of the specified letters. A combination of these 2 curves is used to create a flourished design also known as pointed pen design.

This simple design can be repeated within a space defined by a boundary like a star, heart, circle or even a reindeer to create a composite design. You can further enhance this by adding accents and elements like florals, leaves, fronds, feathers, birds, animals and even butterflies to build a more beautiful composition.


We recently posted a YouTube video on our channel on how to create an Infinity Loop flourish!


We are sharing the link for the same below, don’t forget to check it out!

Did you know?

The same technique can be extended to brush pens and similar designs can be created using brush pens too.

Bonus Content

The contents of this blog are discussed specifically for pointed pen calligraphy tools. However, the same can be extended to broad-edge technique as well!

So, how do you intend to design using calligraphy tools? Drop your ideas below in the comments section!

P.S.: We are soon going to conduct a detailed and comprehensive Flourishing Workshop where we will be teaching the golden rules of flourishing and the step-wise methods for adding flourishes to alphabets in lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers. If you are interested, please email us at for the enrolment details. Alternately, you can also reach us through DM on our Instagram account @mintrose_designs.

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