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Copperplate Calligraphy Guideline Book


This is a 75-page A4 sized book containing pre-printed guidelines for Copperplate calligraphy practice. The paper quality is sourced specifically to suit calligraphy inks including black sumi ink and is also suitable for brush pen ink. This book can also be used for brush and pencil calligraphy and for your everyday practice.

  • 75 pages of A4 size
  • Colour coded guidelines (X height is 5mm with ratio of 2:1:2) with 55-degree slant line
  • 170 gsm smooth white paper

Shipping charge Rs 150 per copy pan India.

For any questions, please write to


Shwetha Sivakaminathan

I purchased this calligraphy guideline workbook to gift my cousin. The book is well suited for everyday practise and the pre-printed lines and angled slants makes it very user friendly. You can skip the boring prep required and dive straight into the fun part of writing. Also, the paper quality is perfect and gives a very professional look. I highly recommend this workbook to those passionate about calligraphy to practice writing and to innovate.

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